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Copy internal scsi drive to BlueSCSI


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I'm trying to backup my internal hard disk of a Macintosh SE to a BlueSCSi card. I get the message:
You don't have the access privileges to see all of the items in Harddisk SE"; copy the visible ones?

How can I make the files "visable"? I want to copy the whole disk so I have a backup of all system stuff ( network card, etc)

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Can you use a backup utility program, instead of dragging and dropping the files? Maybe something like http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/hard-disk-backup
Ah. Good idea. Will do. Would be great to have this disk backuped. I’m using it now for 33 years in row and it has a working SE network card configuration.

If anyone know how it is possible not to have access rights on certain parts of the disk? The answer is still nice to know!