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Blue SCSI and getting started...


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I have several Macs ranging from Mac 512K to Mac IIvx.

Only a few of them have working SCSI drives and I have no actual disks. What I would like to do is install my Blue SCSI in them (I may build several if this works out well).

So I'm looking for a place to download various systems, apps, games, etc. I hope this isn't against policy to ask this but I can't seem to find where to go.

I'm also willing to purchase System disks if they aren't too expensive.

Any advice on my next steps would be appreciated.

I've been restoring these machines so now it's time to actually use them! :)



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Most of the abandonware sites are a bit of a mess, but there's a lot on them, especially the two that @Spidey01 listed. MG is probably better to support than MR.

For the 512k and other early compacts, I'd strongly recommend getting a BMOW Floppy Emu if you can, which is a device that emulates a Mac floppy drive; it's a really good bit of engineering and you can get it with an SD card with basically everything you need to get started on it for Macs in that age range, OSes and disc utilities and everything.


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Thanks for the replies. The first computer I will try and get going with this is my Mac IIsi.
Any tips for that computer?