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BeOS and PCI SCSI Card


I finally got around to installing BeOS 5.0.3 on my PowerCenter 150. It took a couple attempts and some googling to realize that, officially, only the internal SCSI bus is supported.

I got BeOS installed on a PiSCSI druve, but I'd love to use an adapter card and the 10k drive in the system. The card in the machine is a "StreamLogic JackHammer" which is a QLogic ISP1040B based UW SCSI adapter. This chipset does not seem supported in BeOS. I have no problems switching SCSI cards if needed - does anyone know if it is possible to boot BeOS off a PCI SCSI card, possibly with a patch or other hack? Otherwise I'll need to add another SCSI disk to this machine, which is annoying, but not end of the world.



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The faq was always clear about BeOS only recognizing the onboard scsi bus.
There are no extra scsi drivers on the PPC version, contrary to the x86 port.


I haven't gotten around to installing BeOS to test, but I have a PowerCenter Pro 210 with I believe an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card. I have seen documents saying only the built in SCSI works on this particular model of PowerComputing clone, and some documents that didn't have any special notes about this computer.
Could there possibly Be a way to port the intel driver for supported SCSI cards? I would also like this to work. It is rather annoying that they chose to not add support for these cards when they supported the computer for a few years.