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AppleColor Hi-Res monitor compatibility?


Hi, first post on this forum.

I have an AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (the 13" Trinitron display made in the late 80's through the early 90's), which still works and displays a crisp picture.

But the problem is, the picture is distorted (pincushion distortion) when I connect it to a Performa 450 (=LC III) or an LC 475. On the other hand, connecting it to the LC II in which it was bought with back in 1992, it displays a perfect square picture with no distortion.

What I'm wondering here is whether the AppleColor Hi-Res RGB Display is compatible only with certain Macs, and not-so-compatible with some newer Macs (like ones made after its discontinuation in December 1992). I can't seem to find much sources about the AppleColor display on the internet... can anyone suggest a reason for this monitor being picky, or a solution if any?



Scott Baret

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My suggestion is to try it with another LCII (or original LC) to rule out the video system in that particular LCII being bad.



I wish I did have another LC II to test, but I don't. I just tested the monitor on a Power Mac 6500 and displays the same pincushion distortion.

So, there is nothing special/different about how the LC II video circuitry is built compared with other Macs that are compatible with multiple resolutions?