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Apple vs china knockoff Ehternet-to-USB converters


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Pretty interesting. Somewhere out there, there are comparisons between Apple's power adapters and knockoff ones, which are very poorly engineered in that case.

Also, as it happens, Internet lore is correct and every Mac I've tried the USB adapter on running 10.6 and later can use it just fine. (I may or may not have used it to help break some EULAs, in my own time, off of this site.) It also works on Apple-branded Macs. running 10.6 or later, although I have not tried it with 10.5.



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What i like about it best is not they just make a cheap knockoff, but that their cheap knockoff apparently works really well.

They even made their own chip that acts as if it was the pricey chip, so they could benefit from it's driver support. ;D



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As cory has said you get what you pay for.

I bought some for mega cheap.

I am having issues where they will not connect to anything more then 10meg full duplex in OSX Snow Leopard.

I think its an issue in the driver but they do not speak good english… and they told me to just use windows xp.





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@olePigeon: great link, interesting to read. And a bit scary, too. 8-o

I had mostly luck with cheap stuff. But i believe the trouble the chinese engineers went through, to make that chip, is quite remarkable.