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And now for something widely different!


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I wrote an Apple IIe emulator for linux that I opened source a few weeks back, and I wasn't happy with the UI library I've been using, so I've been busy re-writing a MacOS classic 'toolbox' for linux! It's kind of a 'flattened' OS8 theme; ie I think the grayscale didn't age too well, while the MacOS 7 does look a lot more 'ageless'!

It's fun! Got quite a few bits already working, it's still missing a few other bits (like text edit control) but it's pretty near 'close', while being a bit more 'modern' (antialiasing etc).

Anyway it'll appear soon (possibly next week) on my github! https://github.com/buserror/mii_emu



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Nice! I've bookmarked this to come back to, when I get my VM partitions spun up again in a few weeks.