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ACARD Support Gone


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Acard has removed files/support for all their old products except SCSI/IDE bridges from their website. Actually, it looks like the whole company has changed identity.

Anyway, if you need or in teh future may need drivers/firmware/utilities/manuals for Acard products, get them from the Wayback machine while you still can.


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I saved a bunch of them, but I don't remember where....

On my work laptop, which crashed and died last month.

On my Seagate NAS in a box, which died last month.



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😅 Thanks.

Taking a week off work. Maybe I'll get a storage system working again....

Or maybe I'll just play Age of Empires and eat ice cream.

Today my Son and I did fix the PRNDL lights on his Buick Century's instrument panel. Turns out there's four resistors that fall off the circuit board with age. Zillions of Youtube videos about it.