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6100: black screen, no boot, no BEEP, faulty mother board?


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still there are strange (to me) issues

After re-controlling and re-soldering again some SMDs to try to make the sound work (before committing to replace the sound chip) ... the motherboard did not boot at all, sadness:

- silent

- with additional RAM, with only onboard RAM

- the PSU provides stable and precise voltage

- the CPU goes up to 48 degrees centigrade 

- I replaced the silicone heatsink compound 

- PRAM battery ok

- rapid on/off/on

- reset keyboard

- recapped of course

I was almost due to store it in the RIP section of the self, when is started to show life, flashing bands on the screen first, restart again, then the smiley face, it freezes, restart again ed again .... apparently it works only when warm.

The more it warms up the more likelihood that it boots and it remains on till the OS allowing me to work with it, but it might still freeze.

Ah, the rest button does not work, all the section is rusty and not in good conditions.

I was looking around those STEWARD ICs, any clou what they are for? I could only find a Chinese only web site


PS: the camera decided to apply HDR, the pads are not so bad