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6100, 7100, 8100, 9150 PDS Connector


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I think I've found the X100 family PDS connector part number.   I'm on a little bit of a mission to identify the part number for the cache, ROM and PDS connectors on the X100 and X500 machines.  

Anyway, this one appears to be a Burndy CEE2X91S-V7Z14 and there seems to be stock here:


No telling whether the above is a surface mount of a through hole part though.  

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Ordered, received and confirmed that the

Burndy CEE2X91S-3Z14

(same as the CEE2X91S-V7Z14 except pin length, or coating or something)

is the 6100, 7100, 8100 PDS slot.   This might be useful for anyone trying to build a PDS pass through for the G3 upgrades, or just for board repair, or possible to try to build a multi-PDS card riser.  Through hole.

Burndy ELF160ASC-3Z50

is the cache/ROM slot for the X100 machines and the ROM slot for the X500 and Beige G3 machines.   Through hole.

Burndy ELF160HGC-3Z50

is the cache slot for the Alchemy (6400, C600, C500) machines.  Through hole.

Burndy ELF168E5GCE-3Z50

is a 5V, 168 pin FPM/EDO DIMM socket for the X500 family and most of the contemporary Macs.   It is surface mount and kind of physically fat.  It's in the same style as the ROM socket but with a lever at the end to expel the DIMM.  SM

AMP 382284-1

is a 5V, 168 pin FPM/EDO DIMM socket, so just like above, but through hole instead of SM and far thinner in footprint.    This is probably a good replacement for broken DIMM sockets on boards that use this type of memory.

I thought I ordered, but I didn't seem to receive

Burndy ELF160AGC-3Z50

Burndy  DRS168S1GRC-06CZ50

I need to check my invoice and make sure that I wasn't charged for them.  I think they just accidentally dropped off the order.

So I may try again once the budget recovers a little.   August was an expensive month.   Steve Jackson Games did a Kickstarter to bring back "In The Labyrinth" and I did some traveling.

They (company referenced in previous post, also have 68 pin SIMM sockets good for ROM installation/repair or IIfx memory Socket repair.

Tyco AMP 822019-2
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from jimjimx

Compact Mac analog board J1 components:


Molex  0015311046 Connector Header Through Hole 4 position 0.264" (6.71mm)


Molex  0019091049  4 Position Rectangular Housing Connector Receptacle Natural 0.264" (6.71mm)


Molex  02-09-5106  Socket Contact Gold 14-20 AWG Crimp Power



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From Cheesestraws

Molex connector for LC style power supply: The connector you need, if you want to fabricate a new one, is a Molex KK396.


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The other day I was itching to make the right angle PDS adapters for my 6100 and 610 but I wasn't sure of the exact dimensions. There seem to be several types and I dunno which dimensions (in terms of where to position the connector on the right angle board) are applicable to which adapters.

For the 610, there's the 68040 PDS adapter which has no active circuitry, just traces. There's also the NuBus adapter. For the 6100 there seem to be three types, the Power Mac 601 PDS adapter, the NuBus adapter, and then a gizmo that converts the 601 bus into a 68040 PDS. This 601-68040 bus adapter was used for the DOS compatibility cards which had an '040 PDS interface.

Regarding the 6100 PDS edge connector, I think EDAC made their 302-182-xxx-xxx series which are also compatible with the Burndy connector used on the Power Macs. Here's a link to the 302-182-520-900 on Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/EDAC/302-182-520-900?qs=X9HCC1dc6JuYqTo43suzFA==. Not 100% sure if these are compatible but I believe so. It's possible the depth could differ but the pitch and pin count are correct.

Of course, the right angle adapter board is not that useful without the metal bracket that holds the card up and sort of mates it to the cutout on the back panel of the case. Does anyone have any dimensions for this? I have been wanting to develop a 3d-printed substitute for a while, not an exact full-length clone or something that will meet EMC requirements, but something to help the card and right angle adapter stay upright when the case is closed.

Thanks for the part number for the ROM SIMM socket too; these were helpful to build a few programmers to help with my ROM SIMM project.


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Burndy ELF160HGC-3Z50

is the cache slot for the Alchemy (6400, C600, C500) machines. Through hole.

I think this is actually surface mount, not through hole. Was looking at the parts I received last night. Definitely the ROM/cache slot for the Alchemy and Gazelle boards, but they were surface mount sockets not through hole. So, unless there's another part number running around that confused me that's surface mount. I don't know why I posted through hole, back when.