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3D-printed 68030 CPU Puller


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After bending a few pins by using a DIP puller to remove PGA 68030s from sockets (I know, I know) I decided I needed a better tool. I thought I'd have to design one myself, but I found this 68040 puller tool by jessenator on Thingiverse. I was able to scale it down to 68030 size, and it works great! It fits the SE/30 just fine; slides right on over the GLUE chip. Hopefully it will work on most other 68030 Macs as well.



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The numbers are shown in the photo above, but for convenience, I'll write them out too:

X: 40 mm (73.39%)
Y: 39.2585 mm (100%)
Z: 35 mm (80%)

Of course, this is dependent on my printer, which is relatively well calibrated, but not perfect, so your results may vary slightly.