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3400c Service?

Admiral Ackbar

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Hi all. Looking for anyone/anycorp that would take my 3400c and re-cap and replace the battery and as a bonus put in a ZuluSCSI Laptop RP2040 2.5" that I would send off with the item so I can have a fresh install of 7.6 on it. After viewing
I know I don't have the skills or materials to make that happen.



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According not MacTracker the 3400C has an internal ATA hard drive and you can see in the video above it’s attached with a custom flex cable (29 minute mark). It should be easier to swap in a larger ATA drive.

Admiral Ackbar

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Correct, 3400 does indeed use ATA.
Wow. Thanks for that. Somehow I read the sheet 5 times and missed that fact it’s an ATA drive. I’d like to do SD because then I could image it from a more modern machine and then if I mess it up I can replace it quickly.

Admiral Ackbar

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I found a much better video about disassembly (
), and can just get an ATA SSD it appears for new storage. However, the PRAM battery and recapping I still am looking for someone to do. I pinged Apple Rescue of Denver and they passed on it.

Thanks for all ideas!