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2011-01-28 New Forum Rule

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Hey Everybody!

It looks like everything has been going well over the past several weeks, and in the interest of keeping everything running smoothly and everybody seems to be getting along.

In the effort keeping this going, we're introducing a new rule today! Just as soon as I write this in here, I'm also going to post this in the wiki article for the forum rules.

Politics, Religion, Etc.This is a new one for us. One of the most common kinds of threads that are difficult to moderate and frequently get moderated improperly are threads that deal with politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects. As such, these topics are outright disallowed on the forum. When they are seen, they will be removed.
This rule is in place mainly because a computer forum just works better when the computer enthusiasts therein, who have different (but all valid) viewpoints all start trying to argue those viewpoints on the computer forum. And it's worth putting it out there in even more explicit terms: this is a computer forum, not a politics forum.

Not open for further replies.