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2022-01-02 68kMLA Planning in 2022

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2021-01-07 68kMLA Update

Hey everybody,

We recently rolled over a 20th anniversary, and we’re in it for the next 20 and beyond. What we’re announcing today will lay some of that groundwork.

Our tentative goal is to accomplish one major project each calendar quarter. These will be things we do on top of our existing routine care and feeding, site moderation, and participation. Here’s what we’ve got on deck so far:

Q1 (Jan – Mar): Our first project is reviving a major part of the site since our changes last year – getting the 68kMLA wiki running again. This is going to involve catching up on a bit of technical debt as we upgrade the software and fix the visual styling of the wiki. We’re also going to be getting some new functionality by way of integrating logins with the forum software.

Tyler and I are going to be working closely on this together which will get me to a point where I can step in and do more of the technology care and feeding, as well as incident response.

Q2 (April – June): After we get the wiki software running, the next thing I want to do is give it some content and management love. This is going to be the start of a new longer-term habit. We’re going to work up front on identifying articles that need updates, articles we need, as well as things like site and content structure updates.

This one’s related to a personal goal I’ve got: setting aside an hour or two each week to write and edit wiki articles. We already have an extensive wish list of things to adapt from forum threads, so I’ll have my continued work cut out for me.

Q3 (July – Sept): We still have most of the gallery data from the previous software. We’re going to export it and then re-import it. This one has been much requested, so we’ve prioritized it ahead of some other things.

Q4 (Oct – Dec): We’re still discussing what will happen for Q4, but we’re aware most what we’ve got up front is technology oriented. We have some fun stuff on the back burner that we’d like to do if our other projects conclude on time and real-life permits.

Finally, we’d like to add a disclaimer up front that we’re just people too, and life can get in the way sometimes. We will do our best to meet the goals we’ve set, but one or two may slip a bit.

Thank you again so much for your support and trust. We launched the Patreon before we were quite ready to embark on any major projects, so I know the space has been quiet of late.

I've added a meta/discussion thread, here:

Cory W (@Cory5412) and Tyler S (@wthww )
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