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2022-11-06 68kMLA IRC server update

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I hope your November is going well!

We have an update today -- we're moving away from the IRC channel #68kMLA on irc.oshaberi.ne.jp to the IRC channel #68kMLA on the server irc.68kmla.org.

As on Oshaberi, we'll have encrypted connectivity and unencrypted connectivity, so our vintage computers can still connect!

Huge ups to Tyler who was able to get this set up for us. This server is on the same cloud-based infrastructure the main site is now on and should be a significant improvement in reliability.

Thank you all again for your patience with us.

W/re the wiki, which was supposed to come first: I know we set a goal and slipped it massively, and that this is a frustrating scenario. The wiki is up next, but I don't have any more details on that right now.

Meta thread is here:

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