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17" display


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SO I came across an ad for a Apple ADC flat screen. price was right so I inquired(figured it was either a Tube one or 15". reply I got was, it was last used on a G4 mini, don't know if it will work with anything newer. huh...

so I bit. ended up being a 17" studio(LCD) with an ADC to DVI adaptor WOOT! hooked up to my macbook now. :)

only downside, it's really a cumbersome setup. there are wires everywhere!



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Yeah those ADC>DVI have extra wire they don't need. I use one to connect the Sawtooth to my 15" Studio Display. The are quite expensive too. I paid around $70 on ebay and that was on the low end of the price range.



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You can also build your own adapter. There are several howtos you can find via search. I made one as an internal adapter for use in a G3 tower. The reason I did this was to avoid the octopus effect of the Apple adapter squatting on the desktop - kind of spoils the point of the Studio Display one-cable design.