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number nine ad (the pci card specifically for sgi 1600sw)

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from may 1999 issue of macworld


and I had heard the name of the card being mentioned re using non-sgi computers but I didn't know (and maybe at least one of you didn't too?) its actual spec till now


even for being a niche card I still wonder what sort of hardware 3D performance it perhaps had when compared to the whole list of macintosh-happy rage/radeon series


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I have a card based on that chipset. It's much slower than a Rage128 for 3D stuff. It's a great 2D card. Faster than my ix3D card, which is about as fast as my Rage128 card depending on the test.


The T2R4 based card falls around the level of a Voodoo2 or RIVA TNT card for some things, but falls well short in others.

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interesting, thanks nathan. I had somewhat suspected it was perhaps a bit low in actual performance. even then being able to keep up with a rage128 probably is not too bad given the date it was from. wonder what a game of 'descent 2' could had looked like with the wider viewpoint (assuming the game setting itself could recognize its wide-res size rather than filling the sides with 'dead'/black bars)

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