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I've been trying to learn Fusion 360 to recreate a lid and add buttresses under the hinge for the 1400c lid. Is there anyone good at Autodesk Fusion that might know how to fix some errors?

-I get an error saying the face is too complex whenever i try to fillet any edge

-not sure how to wrap the top line cutout to the sides over the curved face--cant use the corners as a guide since they are shaped in two planes

-the hinges are tricky geometry, it will take a lot of trial and error to the supports

-how can you press pull an image to cut into a surface--it seems it won't let me do that with any logos

PowerBook 1400c Lid Top v8.png

PowerBook 1400c Lid Top v81.png

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here's what the buttresses look like when added. still need to add/fix a lot of the inner components and tabs. i wanted to add diagonal struts from the inner cylinder but i keep getting an error so still need to figure that out


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currently the internal tabs are all too long because ive been eyeballing the calipers indirectly, i need to buy some better calipers that have jaw attachments so i can measure the internal components directly

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