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Mobius SE/30 Ethernet/B&W Card

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Card is a Mobius MD042. I found it on eBay and it looked very interesting so I bought it.


I am looking for drivers for this card.


Shows up in Tattletech as

• Nubus/PDS Slot# = $09
◊ Board Name = Mobius SE/30 Ethernet/B&W Card
◊ Board ID = 1037
◊ Vendor ID = Mobius Technologies, Inc.
◊ Revision Level = 1.0
◊ Part# = MD042
◊ Functional Resources :
+ Device sResource Name = Mobius_Ethernet - Device Category = 4 (Network)
- Device Type = 1 (EtherTalk)
- Device Software Interface Type = 275 - Device Hardware Type = 257
- Device sResource# = $90 - Driver Number = [NA]


Notable chips are:

  • Xilinx XC2064-70PC68C
  • National Semiconductor DP83932BVF
  • Video crystal is 57.2832 MHz, implying it drives a fixed-mode portrait display?


I've tried the Control panel Driver in this package:


This driver causes the machine to hang on boot. Tried on system 7.1 and 7.5.5. I will try System 6.

Anyone guess a compatible driver for this?


Stock System 7.5.5 seems to recognize it as an Ethernet card, but when I select it in the Network Control Panel I get error.






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Those Mobius drivers are for the 68030 accelerators used with the Plus and Classic (that snap on to the CPU), as far as I'm aware. That's not to say they couldn't possibly work with System 6 with what you've got. They definitely won't work with anything over 7.0.1 for the hardware they were intended for, so I'd try it with 6.0.X and see if works. Heck, maybe they made a universal driver for their accelerators; that's the only driver package I've seen for any of their accelerators, so who knows.

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