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Bringing a couple of inkjet printers to the recycling depot today brought me in sight of something recognizable as the rear end of an AIO Mac, face down and almost buried in scrap. One is not supposed to scavenge at said depot, but there being no long arm of the law present, I scavenged. A careful step, a long reach, and the rear door was off the machine. A a logic board  was then extracted, which turned out to be the main board of an LC575. I've sold several of those for ~$200 on eBay as Color Classic upgrades. I guess one more will go on that tally, once I get my CC out and get a chance to test the board.


Not bad for about two minutes and a bit of knowledge as to what to look for in a scrapyard.

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Yeah, scavenging at my local transfer station is technically illegal also, but security is very relaxed, so I can just kinda look around a little and quickly grab my find while no one's looking ;) 


I've made some quite decent finds over the years this way (a decent, early 2000s PC tower, which I still use to this day for my Skylake hackintosh, a Dell Latitude D800 (only needed a screen and top trim piece/power button), Decent little AIO TV and monitor (TV's useless of course, but it makes a decent monitor), even a little Bluray player (I have no idea if it works, as I have yet to test it, and I don't have any disks)).  The only bust was a very nice Dell monitor (as far as I can tell, it's roughly equivalent to Apple's 20" Cinema display, but with more versatile connection options) which is completely DOA, despite a new power supply (the main logic board must be fried, and for the cost of a new one, I can get a whole unit, so it's not worth the expense).



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