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Whats your essential software for your compact mac?

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As far as software goes, on my se/30 I daily use the following:

  • Think-C 7 for programming
  • Photoshop 3, design and art for my games
  • Excel 4.0
  • IRCle 
  • MacSSH
  • Netscape 2.0 (and rarely icab)
  • Quicktime Movie player 2 with QuickTime 4 extension for listening to music and watching videos
  • StuffIt Expander/DropStuff and DiskCopy for mounting images and extracting them (new software install). 

As for games, I started keeping track of games that run on a Compact Mac screen resolution. By no means complete, but it's growing nicely. Once I get my CCII board recapped, I'll go back to adding new entries to it. You can view the list here.

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ClarisWorks (one of the best all-round apps of all time)

MacWrite (because it's the original)

PageMaker (many publications owe their style and existence to this)

Superpaint (excellent paint and drawing app)

Hypercard (highly flexible data management - and very cool data toy)


AfterDark (flying toasters and fish, very retro)



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my "base image" that I use on most of my Compacts is



Microsoft Basic

Afterdark 2.0

Stuffit Expander

Netscape 2.0

ICab(idk version)



Dark Castle




Sim City

Oregon Trail


Prince of Persia


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