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I saw a listing on CL almost a week ago for a 512 along with its associated extras.


Fast forward, a week, a few emails and a short trip later and I'm the new owner of this 512K.  I still need to go through and sort out what I have to work with, but a cursory check shows it as a (hopefully) un-modded original 512 that starts, but has apparent floppy issues, which I'll look into later.


I talked with the seller for a bit about the machine's history and he told me that the original owner had gifted it to him after he transferred her files (she was writing a book on it) from the Mac to PC format for her new computer - he mentioned that the book is in its 8th printing, so I am going to look it up.  A few years after that, he passed it along to someone who needed a computer and then she passed it back to him when she was done with it and he has had it ever since.  He said that he last had it up and running about 5 years ago.  I have a lot going on right now, but I'm looking forward to spending time getting this one running like new again - hopefully not too much work this time ;-)

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Not upgraded, original, 400k drive.

A battery had once leaked, but very little cleanup is needed.  There was no battery cover, so I will have to get one of those.   The motherboard appears to be original as well.  After checking out the inside, I buttoned it back up, while it waits to have its floppy drive looked at.  





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