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SCSI2SD for MacPlus Rejuvenation

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I have a MacPlus, with 4MB RAM, that used to run off a Jasmine 100MB HD.  That drive finally gave up, and I'm trying to utilize the SCSI2SD v5.5 as a replacement.  I've been Googling different forums, and can get a .dsk with a partial 6.0.8 system to boot and run (off a 2GB image), but if I try to modify that by doing a full 6.0.8 install, or upgrading to 7.1 (I have the install floppies), I get error messages.  The same source (SavageTaylor.com) has a 7.5.5 image, but that won't boot.

There are specific settings for the MacPlus to be able to use the SCSI2SD board, and I've applied them.  I provide power to the board via the miniUSB port which seems to address the termination issue.

Many forums and blogs have information about creating emulators, but I'm not trying to emulate.  What I'd like to do is build a bootable 2GB image that had the 7.1 system.  There is an entry on this site that has a how-to for 7.5.3, but it requires the System Tool floppy, which I don't have.  Some of the how-tos also point to the use of Basilisk II, but those seem to be creating emulations, and I am trying to create a substitute hard drive.

Would appreciate any insight or advice this forum's participants could provide.  Thanks!

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