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Software for M0110B UK/British Edition Keyboard

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I used the EMU to load it as you instructed and I have also managed to make a floppy from that image now too. Both boot the Mac now and there were no bombs either.

Even though I've had the thing apart and carefully cleaned thoroughly, there are still a few minor issues with the CRT (goes off now and then, comes on with a gentle tap) and with the floppy drive (often very slow) - I'm going to revisit your videos.


Only these little hardware niggles to fix and it's a complete resto!


Thanks to all for your help @JDW @slomacuser I have learnt so much in a last few weeks, thanks to you guys.


Pictures attached.




System 1 Floppy copy.JPG

Image loaded.JPG

Finder 1.1g.JPG

Key Caps.JPG

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@smileymacface Glad to hear you resolved the problem!


If your screen goes off and on, there can be a number of causes.  I would strongly suggest you check the connector that leads from the neck of the CRT to a white 4-pin connector toward the back and at the top of the analog board.  It might have turned yellow or even have black char marks on it, which is a sign of voltage arcing.  That connector needs to be resoldered, and to do that you will need to remove the solder-side jacket.  My video here talks about that.


But even after resoldering connectors, I had issues with my display glitching at times, and I found the solution was to use Deoxit D5 contact cleaner on the CRT yoke pins (with the rectangular yoke board removed and the Mac powered off, of course).  I also sprayed the connector on the yoke board too, following the specific instructions on the Deoxit D5 can.  That solved the problem completely.



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