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22 hours ago, stormy said:

Are you sure the battery terminals haven't been eaten away by the acid? They look very green.


Hi @stormy, yes they were almost completely corroded but I rebuilt them "implanting" new pins (I did not found a connector replacement), than I checked them end-to-end with a multimeter and they make contact.


Perhaps the problem is that my attempt to emulate batteries simply doesn't work, maybe because the power controller cannot recognize real batteries during charging or boot process.

So because this is the last thing to fix, I've just ordered 12 1,2V Ni-Mh 2600mAh batteries, we well see as soon I'll plug them in.... :)

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Posted (edited)

Hi all, hi @stormy finally the problemi is solved: real batteries were needed!!

I've just rebuilt the battery pack with 12 brand new 1,2V Ni-Mh 2600mAh batteries and every thing works nicely :) 

It boots and charges normally!

So battery emulation with a power supply was not a good idea! It just needs REAL batteries!


Thanks to everybody for all suggestions!










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