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Apple M0130 With Strange Model Number OA-D34V-01

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I was under the impression that only the OA-D34V, -02, and -22 were released for Apple, and that there was no -01 revision. I looked up all of the model numbers, and there is literally only one result when I search "OA-D34V-01" in quotes on Google (the result being some 'rapid tech' shop site that doesn't even load).


Picture attached, displaying the -01 model number.


How common/rare are the -01 drives when compared to the first one and the other 2 revisions? If it helps, this drive was made in April of '84.


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Apologies for my vagueness. It was late and I was half-asleep. Yes, it's from an Apple M0130 external disk drive. The OA-D34V is the Sony model number of the 400k drives in the 128k, 512k, Lisa II, and these external drives. I just never saw or heard of an OA-D34V-01 revision of said Sony drive, and was wondering if anyone else has. The most I know is that there are only 3: OA-D34V, OA-D34V-02, and OA-D34V-22.


Thank you for your replies thus far.

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I have requested in a report that this topic be deleted because I decided to repost it properly, with tags and specifics. As such, I will not be looking for replies here. The new topic is titled, "Macintosh External Disk Drive M0130 With Strange Sony Model Number. Please help identify."


Thank you.

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