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Asante Mac con burnt caps

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A few years ago when trying to start up my se/30 I heard the telltale sounds of something shorting and sizzling, opening the se30 up, it appeared my ethernet card decided enough was enough and died. These are fairly common, does anyone have one they could peak at and let me know the value of the blown capacitor? It's at C7 down by the PDS connector. A schematic would be equally useful, iirc my daughterboard had a similar looking blown capacitor. Are these types of caps known to spontaneously combust?Maybe there is a deeper issue here, nothing in the se/30 had been recapped when it blew, and I had just installed a 10,000 RPM seagate barracuda


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Those yellow capacitors are tantalum, often called 'tag' style or 'dipped' because they are literally assembled and then dipped into the yellow coating.


These types in particular are known to combust, it's happened to me twice in the past. As they age, they become less stable and voltage fluctuations from the similarly aging power supplies can make them go boom.


Can you post the numbers from the capacitor next to the one that exploded? I would guess they are the same capacitor, or very similar.

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