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Radius PowerView Compatibility

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Could not resist a like new and complete Radius PowerView set like new from former Apple marketing guy. Only a PowerBook 140/170 or Classic II works says the documentation. Does anyone know if it works with other models as well?

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Set up a LC I with system 7.1.2 and the Radius PowerView connected. It somehow works on the second screen, a 17” Dell LCD 1280x1024. It shows the Portait Display in the Dell ratio. Searching for a better monitor. So far so good. 

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Nice that you got it to work with an LC!


I have a PowerView as well, haven't used it in ages but I recall getting it to work with a Classic II, PowerBook 180 and Duo 280c. I recall having to use the "I wish I were" control panel to get it to work with the Duo 280c, but I forget about the 180. Might have worked with the 180 without any change.


I did not have any luck running it with a PowerPC machine (a 2300c).

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