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UMAX Apus 2000 (C500e/200) - best way to backup hard drive?

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Hi all, I recently got my UMAX Apus 2000 working (there was a lot of battery corrosion to clean up and some broken traces to bodge), and I'd like to backup the original hard drive before it dies. It's barely spinning up but is still bootable, what's the best way to go about this?


My first thought was to dd it in Linux, but I haven't used Linux in years and don't know how to do that. Is there a program I can run on the Apus, after booting from floppy, that will let me create a hard drive image and save it to an external SCSI drive?

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If this is a bpersonal backup and not some kind of "The Historical Archival Record" kind of backup -- you can just use Finder to copy the contents of one disk to another disk. I'd toss everything that's on the desktop in the root level of the hard disk, or into a new folder at the root level, then just drag all the stuff over.


To be honest, that should work even when your'e booted from the volume you're copying, but doing it from a boot CD or floppy will also work. Once you remove the original hard disk and copy the stuff back to whatever you replace it with, you might have to re-bless the system folder by taking the system file out of the system folder and then putting it back in.


If you can boot from an OS 8 or 9 CD you can use Disk Copy 6 to make it into a DC6 format disk image, but only works with volumes up to 2GB.


If you have other old Macs and a serial cable, you can also usually use appletalk networking to copy stuff to another mac, and then copy it back onto a fresh disk.

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I agree. In classic Mac systems there is no need to worry about invisible files, a simple Finder copy will copy *everything*. The only thing you have to worry about is system folder blessing and you can always reinstall the system anyway. 


The advantage of doing a simple Finder copy is that if it fails, you can pick up from where it got to unlike a dd type process.

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