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Mac SE speaker issue

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I have a Mac SE with the 800k logic board I’ve been working on with a speaker issue.  Power it up and no speaker, everything else working great.  Check the ohms and I'm good, reflowed solder around speaker pins on logic board; still no help.  From what I’ve read there could be a problem on the analog board,  it before digging into that I tried another 800k logic board from a different machine that is working just fine.  Hooked it up and speaker works just fine.


Therefore, I know the problem is with the original 800k logic board.  I haven’t found any articles addressing this yet.  Does anyone know what I should be looking for on the logic board to fix or repair?


Thanks to the community for any and all help.



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Hard to say, can be anything from a bad trace to a sound chip.


The Sound chip is on the Upper left corner (C28) label is SND.


The chip is unlikely troublesome, but who knows, recently replaced one on a Macintosh Plus without sound and it came back afterwards.

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@bibilit I did take a look at that chip and it looked good, so I decided to leave it on.


As an update to my problem, I needed to run a bunch of prototyping boards and classic recaps through the ultrasonic cleaner yesterday so I also ran this problem board through.  It solved my problem and the board is fully functioning now without any speaker issues.


Thanks to everyone that tried to help.

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