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Site Outage 2022-02-19 to 21

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Thank you again with your patience as we continue to have what's best described as "both poor and extremely good" luck.


The bad: A power disturbance on the 19th caused the UPSes to send their last breath notification and the site went down. The hardware came back up, but it was a very odd electrical failure.


An electrician and ultimately the power company were called in on the 20th to investigate and it was discovered that the building had its electrical service installed incorrectly, in a way that could have caused a fire. A small number of adjacent houses had the same problem and have also been thusly repaired.


Then, the site's database needed to be recovered from the unexpected shutdown, which wthww finished up this morning.


As I mentioned on twitter, it's possible that a few posts or PMs between the last backup and the power failure have been lost.


As always, so many thanks to @wthww!



Cory W.

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