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Old Powermac G5 8.1 connecting to internet.

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Hello,  I am not familiar with Mac computers, as have always had Windows PCs (sorry).  I was kindly given an old Powermac iMac G5 8.1 (not the tower sort) by a friend some years ago.  I never had any problems connecting to the internet whilst I used a BT Homehub 2.  However, we moved house and took up with John Lewis BB (Plusnet?) and got a new modem which operates using WAP/WEP, so I don't know if this is why I cannot connect now.  My tablet and other home computers all connect without problems, but they are far more modern.

It is operating OSX 1.8Ghx 1GB DDR SDRAM with an Airport Xtreme card 3.5gl.  Modem Jump Driver Motorola SMS6K v 1.3.2. (not sure what details I need to give you).  The Wifi connected symbol in the top right hand corner shows it to be live and receiving, but it refuses to connect.  I tried it via Ethernet which gets the first page up, then it just hangs and you get the spinning rainbow so have to switch it off and await a re-boot.  If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong (I am not particularly techy so simple language please), then I would be grateful for your advice.  If I am flogging a dead horse then please let me know and we

can use the iMac to store photos, but it would be useful to have it for another household member to surf the web.  Thank you.

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It's just a disk image installer file. Download with whaaatever, copy it to USB, and mount/ install it on the Mac: https://support.apple.com/kb/dl170?locale=en_CA . You will need the admin password, mind.


If that doesn't help, you might need to tweak your network settings. I find, for instance, that I have to turn off ipv6 on my powermacs; something to do with the router, maybe? But beyond that, I can't get anything below the final Tiger (X.4) to run properly on my wifi network.

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