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Interware Booster 30-50F

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So I've been browsing/buying Mac stuff on Yahoo Japan for over a year now, and I have to say it is amazing how much old Mac stuff is routinely for sale on it!  My latest item that I bought is this:  an Interware 68030 accelerator, with the original box.....for only $100!  Well, at least that was the auction price, it was roughly another $40 to get it to me from Japan. 


But still, considering that the same style Daystar 68030 routinely goes for $400 or more, I was amazed! 


The accelerator runs at 50mhz and has both an CPU and FPU.  I used Bolle's adapter to test it out; and while it works, it looks like I need the right driver to get it running at 100%.  I figured that since it came with the original box it would come with the original drivers, but unfortunately it didn't. 



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@tommijazz91-Thanks!  In addition the the 30-50F, I also just won an Interware CV 40-40 booster that should show up here in a few weeks.  When it does and I get around to testing it, I will definitely make a post about it! 


In the meantime, I would be curious to know if anyone else here has an Interware 30-50F and what they think of it. 

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