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Apple CD 300i: tear down and recap?

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I’ve got a good, working 300i in my PM 6100. I hear these things need to be recapped as well. Does anyone have a good guide for tearing one down without me destroying it?

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@LaPorta I'm late to the party. I hope you haven't destroyed it yet :wink:

I'm currently recapping a 300i drive taken out of my PowerMacintosh 6100.

It's easily torn down.


What manufacturer and part number do you see? Mine is a Sony CDU-561-25 caddy loading CD-ROM drive.

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Yes, these absolutely need recapping, with urgency.


I'm currently recapping a Sony CDU561-25 which is the caddy loader used in the external AppleCD 300 drive. I can post a thread with some photos which you may find useful, look out for it later today.


There is also a guide here: https://recapamac.com.au/sony-cdrom/, though it is missing a photo of a smaller board with 3 caps on it which needs doing too, I'll be sure to cover that in my thread.

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I'm recapping a Sony CDU-561-25 as well. One only needs to remove six screws and the cables on the side in order to take it apart.

I also can share photos of the whole process.


Be careful to not damage the surrounding components when removing the stock caps. Pay a special attention to NOT touch the small trimpots on the controller board (laser adjustment). I don't know what happens otherwise. The drive will presumably become unusable.


20 hours ago, joshc said:

There is also a guide here: https://recapamac.com.au/sony-cdrom/


I saw this guide too but I want to point out that the replacement tantalum caps recommended there aren't properly derated. As throughly discussed in this thread, solid tantalum caps has derating of 50%. Considering the operating voltages of the controller board, namely 5V and 12V, one needs to use tantalum caps at the double voltage values (10V and 24V) at least. Or use polymer tantalum caps that have derating of 20%.


Or choose another type of caps. http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/next_cdrom_refurb.html recommends ceramic caps. I can't say for sure because I never used ceramic caps before.


Anyway, that's a quite lot to consider.


Good luck with your recapping effort:)

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