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Need a floppy with stuffit on it

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Hi, i'm struggeling with this stuff.
I'm able to copy files (.sit, .bin, .img.... ) on a high density formatted floppy hfs disk via my PC under Win10 and macdisk tool.

I need an executable of stuffit v4.0 (for my os6.03 classic mac). But the only image that i found of it is .sit, .img, .bin (compressed with stuffit).

This is the snake that eats his tail.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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If you have the .img, that's a floppy disk image, so you should be able to write it to a floppy disk. Not sure if Macdisk Tool supports writing floppy images to disks, but give the steps on this page a try to use WinImage



From my experience, copying the executables directly between Windows and Mac, not using .img files, doesn't seem to go well because of resource fork stuff.

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My guides includes links to hard drive images you can use with basilisk II, these hard drive images have stuffit expander already pre-installed, and you can install any other software you need in Basilisk II as a virtual mac to get yourself setup.  Then transfer what you need to, using basilisk II, via floppy, or some other transfer method.  I list several on my site.  See the bottom of https://www.savagetaylor.com/downloads/downloads-macintosh/


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