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The LC III that chimes death with no video.

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Hi and happy new year /o/


So I had this LC III motherboard sitting alone for a while, death chime, original caps. But beside that seems in great condition.

I did a recap and indeed after cleaning, the motherboard looks fine, almost like new.


Great! Recapping done nicely, no surprises, except... it's still doing the death chime. Ugh. And I can't get any video, so no error code to read, I've litteraly no idea what's going on here.


Here is few things I should check though:

  1. This reversed capacitor thing on the LCIII:
  2. Check rails voltage
  3. Video circuit maybe damaged, must check if there is some signals down here
  4. Death chime happens just after boot chime, so must fail on an early check
  5. ROM: checked and ok. Swapped with known-good ones, same result.


Yet another interesting case to solve :scrambled:

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My LCIII+ is having this same problem. My 12” LC monitor also died at the same time. Thinking I had a brownout or something. I had forgotten to unplug them after I used it last. The motherboard on mine is all recapped, had been working fine. I get a normal startup chime then the chimes of death. I need to get another monitor to see if I’m outputting video and see if there’s a fault code shown.


Have you tried reseating RAM and VRAM? Mine doesn’t do the death chimes if the VRAM is pulled but it also doesn’t boot up.

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