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Restoring a 6100/66 DOS Compatibility, need help with software

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@LaPorta  you are right, they likely mixed up their problems.
FileSaver was indeed a pain, meant as cure for the disk corruption caused by the pathetically unstable Mac OS on early PPC.


Disk Doctor was the only Norton tool I used frequently. It saved my disks several times. Eventually the automated file system repair at start up introduced with System 8.0/8.1 (or was it 8.5?) made DiskDoctor mostly obsolete for me. Not only became Mac OS more stable it could repair the damage done by the crashes itself.

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I will say, UnErase saved me quite a few times. Once in college, I fell prey to that bug in OS X 10.1 (I think it was) that when installed on a partitioned drive with OS 9, data loss ensued. I accidentally reformatted and erased my entire paper I was writing. Taking a few hours, I managed to find and recover it with UnErase.

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