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IIsi System installing woes.

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I've exhausted all my solutions in trying to replace the SCSI HD in my IIsi with a larger one, but hopefully someone can tell me a possibly stupidly obvious thing I may have missed or am doing wrong.


My IIsi HD has it's original 80MB Quantum HD installed, but since I had a spare Apple branded 1GB IBM drive I figured I'd swap them over. 


Using a bootable Lido disk (image on the Floppy Emu), it detects it as normal with all the right info. I used the Easy Setup to format and partition the drive (single) and after a long wait, it does complete the process without error and shows up on the finder.


After restarting and trying to install System 7.1 (Install disk image though Floppy Emu), it doesn't see the partition or the hard drive what-so-ever.


So going back, running the bootable Lido once again, the volume doesnt appear on the finder either. After running Lido it detects it as usual, but it only appears on the finder when "mounting" the drive through Lido.


'Great' I thought, so after mounting, I restart to a bootable 7.1 Installer and once again, it doesn't detect it.


To cut a long story short, it's an endless cycle and I can only assume for some reason this partition isn't being permanently mounted and will only be seen when requested to mount it through disk bootable software.


Is it an issue with 7.1? I'm fairly sure 7.1 supports up to 2GB of storage, atleast officially.


Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something?


Any support would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like a SCSI termination issue (based on the fact it doesn't mount on the desktop) or other setting on the drive itself that's causing the problem - check the active termination, SCSI ID and parity settings jumpered on the drive itself.


I've never really had much luck with Lido - I'd use the Apple HD SC setup program (it not detected use the patched version) over this to partition and format the drive.  Try also 2 x 500MB partitions.

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