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Short-height 64 or 128MB 72-pin SIMMs for Mystic Color Classic

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For no good reason I'm trying to go beyond the 36MB I currently have in my Mystic CC. I've read that modules need to be single-banked if 64MB or 2K refresh if 128MB (http://www.colourclassicfaq.com/mobo/mystic.shtml#Q2.1.6). I ordered a 64MB module from MemoryX that they claimed worked with the LC 575 and when it arrived realized another key parameter: height.




The Color Classic can only support a module that's about 28 mm tall. The 32MB module I have is 22.8 mm tall and the 64MB module from MemoryX is a monstrous 32 mm tall. The interference point is the left screw boss that retains the rear cover.


I rejected the idea of cutting off the boss even though I'm not currently using it. I also decided it would be foolish to install the RAM after I install the logic board as that would effectively lock the logic board in the machine and make removal extremely difficult. 


Does anyone have a vendor that makes single-bank/2K 64MB 72-pin SIMMs or 2K 128MB SIMMs that are less than 28 mm tall? Thanks!

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