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512k has no video, worked great a couple months ago

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I have a 512ke that was working great last time I used it earlier this year.  I plugged it in today, and when I turn it on I get no video.  I get the bong sound, it sounds like the machine is successfully booting from the floppy that's in the drive.  After it sounds like it has finished booting (the floppy quiets down, this is after 10 or 15 seconds of reading the disc, so I suspect it fully booted), there is a brief beep from the speaker.  I don't recall if this is normal.  I looked through the dead mac scrolls, and all of the no-video scenarios involve some sort of unusual sound.  There is no odd sound, and no unusual smells.  I tapped on the side of the case since I know there are some solder joints that are known for cracking, and I didn't get any image or flicker on the screen.  Does anyone have experience with this scenario?  Thanks

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Awesome thanks!  I took a quick read over it, I'll sit down and give it a go soon.


Edit: I just opened it and powered it on, tugged lightly on connector J4, and the picture reappeared.  Your info got me super close, I'll re-flow the solder and hopefully that fixes it.  Thanks again!

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I took a look and four of the joints were cracked badly enough you could see them with a magnifier.  I cleaned the old solder with some wick, put down some flux and new solder, and it works awesome!  If you PM me your paypal or zelle info, I'd be happy to buy you a six-pack!

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