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Mobius Legal Page Monitor Power issue?

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So I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this since the monitor is technically a Mac accessory, but I use it with my SE, so here it goes.  


I have a Mobius branded legal page monitor that has sat in a storage unit for the past decade.  I finally pulled it out and hooked it up, but all I got was was a small squiggle in the middle of the screen.  I turned it off and then back on again and now the monitor seems to have a power issue.  there's no smoke or flames or anything spectacular like that.  It jut powers on and off when I flip the switch and makes a chirping sound every time it does.  I know next to nothing about this monitor.  Owned it for decades but it never gave me a problem before, so I never had a need to crack the case.  


As far as I can remember, the chirping sound is normal when it powers on (it's also synchronous with the power indicator light), but it seems to repeatedly fail and then try again.  Also the I noticed that if I leave it "on" the frequency of the chirping becomes slower.


That's about all I know at the moment.  My first guess would be the capacitor, but I really don't know enough to be sure.

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