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Compact Virtual causes freeze on startup

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I have an SE equipped with a Total Systems Mercury 16 MHz upgrade card and an memory expansion. The SE has 4 MB of ram on the main board and 4 extra megabytes of ram on the RAM expansion board that plugs into the mercury.

In Gemstart 3.0, pressing on "Accelerator Info" it reads the 4 MB of 32-bit RAM, and mentions they are 1 MB SIMM's.


As a new entry since plugging in the board, it mentions "ROM Copied to RAM", which wasn't there before. From what I can understand, the RAM is properly recognized, yet the SE doesn't see it. Read online that I need to get Connectix's Compact Virtual installed for the SE to see the additional 4 MB.

I've installed Connectix Compact Virtual v 3.0.2. With Swap Indicator or Move I/o Addresses toggled/enabled the computer boots up without a hitch. But as soon as I press on Extended Memory and move the slider anywhere from the default 4,096K the SE fails to boot up and hangs on "Welcome to macintosh".


I cannot find any manual for the Total Systems Mercury or for Connectix Compact Virtual. Hoping anyone here has any ideas whatup.

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If anyone else is wondering what's causing this, I managed to solve it. While browsing through the forums, I saw quite a few old topics about the issue with no resolution. Well, the solution is: Connectix Compact Virtual does not work well with anything above System 7.1. I have a few SD cards with different system versions prepared and I tested it out from 6.0.8 to 7.5.5 and it worked perfectly up to (and including) System 7.1. Anything above this is just asking for trouble from what I gathered.



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