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Meta-conquest - Floppy Disks

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I bought the remainder of the disks from @cmstuber major floppy haul.  I was going to use the bulk disks to make some blank floppies.  Lots of 800k and even 400k disks, which I like having on hand since high density disks are so common.  To my surprise, he sent me a large flatrate box full of several hundred floppy disks.


99% of the disks were just database software and various versions of Quicken.  However, amongst those were some disks that looked pretty important:


2x disks for MacCharlie.

2x disks for Brainstorm accelerator.

1x disk for 101-Keys software for the DataDesk keyboard (the ADB based IBM Model M if I'm not mistaken.)

1x Granny Smith parallel printer drivers.  This one is on a single sided disk.  I wonder if it'll work on Mac 128k.


I don't even see the MacCharlie software on Macintosh Garden.


I'm going to make some backup copies.  Anyone interested in some backup copies?

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