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To keep or to trash? Beige G3 MBs

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I have two desktop beige G3s. The cases are breaking down, and every time I open them, something breaks off.  One has a motherboard that appears to be non-functional, I can't get it do anything, although the power supply, the RAM, PCI cards, and everything I had in there appears to be good.  I do not know if the other is functional.  I've stripped them of everything but the MBs.  I don't have the equipment or the expertise to test traces and voltages.  Since I am preparing to retire from this job, I have been encouraging the move to Sawtooth G4s.  Is there any value in these MBs, or should I just leave them in the disitegrating cases and take them to the local recycler? 

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I think there's definitely value to the parts themselves. I know @shadedream was looking at a replacement Gossamer board at one point.

I know on these boards there's a separate voltage regulator daughterboard plugged in (voltage board).


Don't know if those go bad, or how swappable they are, but the working board's card could be a means to testing the dubious board? I'll rely on Cunningham's Law and say it is (don't try it yet) and hopefully someone more technical will respond and either correct me or concur.

But I think you could try testing the board in the other, working machine. Up to you. But I think there are folks interested in the parts. I would be, but I no longer have my PMG3 :/

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2 hours ago, ArmorAlley said:

If @shadedream isn't going to take it/them, them offer what is left to anyone interested in practicing their recapping skills.
We all need to start somewhere.

I know that at least one of these have been re-capped (the one with the empty SGRAM slot).  The other may have been as well, I don't see any of those leak prone capacitors on it.  But, the photos below are what I have, and another piece broke off of the case when I was opening it!



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Looks like both have been recapped, because I only see the little ceramic style caps where the silver cans were originally.  And I see that both boards are missing the voltage regulator cards.  If no one else is interested, I'd be curious what the shipping cost would be.  Better to hold onto these boards than send them to the recycler, because in my opinion the beige G3 is the best G3.

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It would be a shame to trash the logic boards in those, especially since they can be used with ATX power supplies.  The cases I can understand, I have pitched a lot that were falling apart too.  These were just such nice machines and great for hackintosh purposes.  They were also not known for capacitor failure, those ceramic caps you're seeing may be factory equipment.


Beige G3's won't boot with the personality card (sound card) removed by the way...they will appear to be DOA if that piece is missing.

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