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Always thought the Label menu was useless?  Running a black-and-white Mac where you'd never dream of labeling something "Hot", "Cool", "In Progress" or heaven forbid "Project 1"?  Prefer System 7, but miss that sleek 1984 menubar with just the old-school File, Edit, View, Special?  Always wished you could hide the Label menu from your sight forever?




Presenting NoLabel cdev, which I hacked together this weekend to satisfy my own silly aesthetic preferences, now on the Garden.


It works by patching _InsertMenu.  If an app whose name matches the lomem global 'FinderName' tries to add a menu called 'Label' to the MenuList, NoLabel's patch sticks it into the hierarchical part of the menu list instead, so you never see it, but it's still there in case the app needs it.  I'll post the source code at some point if anyone wants to see it (written in THINK C 5.0).


The pic shows my SE/30 running 7.5.5 with the NoLabel control panel open and absolutely no 'Label' menu whatsoever.





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