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Macintosh II Video Cards - expansion ram?

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Depends which video card you have.


If you got the type that uses SIMM style V-RAM then yes they exist and are often sold on eBay for not very much if you ignore the "lol price" sellers. The 512K flavour which carry a bit of a premium compared to the 256K's.

They're probably the easiest and most cost-effective cards. In my experience, probably the speediest too in terms of performance.


The ones that rely on DIP chips are probably not so easy. The chips may still exist new if you can find out what the card is compatible with, but would likely be a bit of a minefield finding out unless someone here has experience or documentation.

I wouldn't know where I'd start looking as I sold off all my official Apple NuBus video cards, and only one of them was the DIP type.

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