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Mac 512k Woes - Long Boot Beep

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Hi everyone,

Well, this stinks. I decided to try out my Dove MacSnap 548 card in my (previously) working 512k, which upgrades the memory to 2MB.


After snapping the card on the logic board, I turned on the computer - the boot beep was very distorted and lasted a very long time, maybe around 10 seconds. After the beep ended, the screen turned on, but it just showed a single horizontal line.

Now my issue is that when I removed the expansion card, the same issue remains! Can anyone offer any advice? I hope I didn’t just cause myself a huge issue...


(my theory is that it’s something timing-related. The beep still occurs, although it’s distorted, and the video still is being generated I think, but it all seems super slow)

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