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Hi all,

 I have a IIci that powers up, in so far as it than fan is on and the little green light in front comes on. It doesn't chime.

I replaced the PRAM battery. I tried it with just 4 sticks of RAM, no NuBus cards and the cache card. The same.


My question is: is this simply a board that needs a recap or are there any visible signs of permanent damage?

There are signs of cap goo up by the sound chips in the upper left of the first picture.


Here are some two photos of the motherboard.



Thanks for your help


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8 hours ago, bibilit said:

There’s goo everywhere. 


So, as usual, new caps and a good wash. 





After you remove the SMD electrolytics and give it a good scrub, do a close check of traces / continuities around those pads. I just reparied a IIci board that had a half-dozen broken traces, a couple with no obvious sign of corrosion and further away from the caps than I expected -- and your board has more goo than this one did. Pernicious stuff.


Good luck! These Mac II's are awesome machines.

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