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I had the chance to pick a //e locally and saved the shipping cost that would have kept me from buying it. The seller only powered up to see the indicator light and that was it. I took a chance and bought it.


Fired it up on my big screen and she flickered at first, shut her down and fired it back up. Yes we are rolling!



Checked the rom version, not sure if this is correct for the //e and seeing done for the //c  getting 255 but 193 is the version. 119663807_Appleiie(3).jpg.ff5e1f4b579f752dfc225412855372b9.jpg


Getting under the hood was interesting, quite dusty. I noticed the 1982 year of manufacture, I assume this was late 82 as most early //e's are of 83 vintage.






Cards are pretty standard, the 80, super serial and IO. However looks like we got a nice Teknika RGB7 video card. Anyone know of a good NTSC or composite monitor to pair up with?




Gotta love that termination clip on the 80 column card. ;-)


All in all this scratches the retro itch! Noting like getting back to basic and interfacing with the old analogue days. Gonna go disk-less for now and play with some basic scripts. Maybe stream them to my Panasonic cassette deck just for fun.





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This is an "Unenhanced" IIe; with the older II+ (like) ROMs and a 6502 and not the 65C02.


I remember seeing many of these in the NYC School System I worked before before an Enhanced Kit was sent to each school containing the "New ROM" and the 65C02. For the Home/Business user, they could have sent their Apple IIe  for the ROM and CPU Upgrade but for schools, the School Tech usually did it (in many cases at a couple school districts - it was me :P).


Later Years with the Big Apple User's group (NYC) I ran into a few unenhanced Apple IIe's BUT they did have the 65C02, somebody swapped out the older ROMs into the machine with the newer ROMs. I'm not going to speculate why it was done or implicate ROM theft. But seeing the 'Apple ][' on a IIe meant that in the least the ROMs were not upgraded or swapped out for the older ROMs. You would have to inspect the 6502 to see is it a 65C02. If it is a 6502, then the Apple was never upgraded. If it is a 65C02, then it was partially upgraded (CPU only and no ROMs) or the ROMs were downgraded for one reason or another.


In the very least it is a rarity to see as so many IIe's were upgraded to be enhanced, and only a few never were.

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Its not an early IIe unless its got the velcro tabs to secure the top lid like the II and II plus; as well as having a PAINTED case like the II and II plus (the later IIe and all apple II's going forward just had unpainted plastic shells).  The unit in your photos is an UN-enhansed IIe which are extremely common. I have owned at least 15 possibly more just like that. They didnt offer an enhancement kit till some time in 1985 so thats 2 years of units being produced that were unenhanced.  I have only seen one of the early painted IIe's which I am lucky enough to own one in my collection. The keyboard also has keys with White lettering, that is important as it was only on the first of the IIe's.


Here is an early IIe for sale on eBay. Notice the white keycaps and the painted case which is similar in design to the II and II plus: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254789461711?ViewItem=&item=254789461711

You can also see in the photos the case is painted as the case isn't yellowed like the monitor and monitor stand.

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