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SE30 Board - Bombs away?

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I picked up an SE30 today which lo and behold had an exploded Maxell inside. I’ve given it a good rinse and a good scrub, but it’s pretty bad. 

I’ve never had a Maxell issue of my own before, so curious to hear from from others: is this board too damaged to help, as I fear it is?


(If so, anyone holding on to a spare board they would be willing to part with?!) 





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Sorry to see that.. I also have a board that was nuked that badly. I thought I could bodge the crap out of it and make it work but the traces underneath were too far gone, I had to grab a spare good board off of ebay to revive the mac.. Excellent parts donor though. Twist off all those caps and give it a good cleaning to preserve what is left! 

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