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Custom G4 Accelrator - 1.5ghz + other goodies

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Picked up a custom made G4 accelerator off of eBay. Someone is doing these as a hobby and selling small volumes of accelerators. It's a modded Apple 800mhz board with a 7455 chip soldered on and the required mods to set the clock to 1.5ghz. Paid $150 on eBay, works great. Scores 857 on Geekbench. The system is reading the CPU as a "133mhz" G4 but it's clearly running at full speed when benchmarked. Very happy.  Only minor issue is the new heatsink bumps into the back of the superdrive, so I took out the superdrive. Anyone know of any shorter depth drives that would clear this heatsink? It can't stick out the back of the bracket.




Also picked up an Atto ExpressPCI UL3D, and a Truevision Bravado 1000 video capture card.



My QS is just about fully built out now with 1.5GB of RAM. Only upgrade left would be replacing the stock GPU.





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That someone is a member on here as well... if I only could remember who it was.

I came across his homemade upgrades as well and must they they do look very good.

I have made some like those as well but I am kind of jealous on how the coolers are mounted.

Looks like some custom made bracket to fit something that looks like a Thermaltake Slim or similar aftermarket cooler.

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